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Callum and Shivam founded CSP Lighthouse with almost thirty years combined experience in the IT and cybersecurity industry. Over the last 10 years they have focused predominantly on the Microsoft cloud technology stack and helped organizations radically transform the way they secure and use their data.


Strong and lasting relationships must be built on trust, integrity and honest communication. These values are central to our mission; which is to preserve the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability (CIA) of our clients data within their hybrid cloud ecosystems.

The number one principle when managing and responding to cyber threats is: “First, do no harm” the second principle is: “Fortune favors the prepared mind”.

We strongly focus on both these principles. Our team is not just trained to become technical experts in their respective field but also to embody a philosophy that brings them into ever closer contact with reality. We do this as a global team combining Threat Intelligence across borders and time zones. We also realize our shared humanity is what excels us towards excellence.


To preserve the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of your data. CSP Lighthouse is the vehicle that helps drive that mission and comprises two key services:

Managed Detection and Response or MDR – our 24×7 security monitoring and threat intelligence service, geared specially for customers invested in the Microsoft platform and helps audit, prevent, and respond, rapidly to growing cyber threats and attacks.

Managed Compliance and Risk or MCR – our compliance and risk reduction service augments your existing IT team or MSP and helps to continually align your security controls with either ACSC’s (Australian Cyber Security Centre) Essential Eight, or NIST’s cybersecurity framework.

Leadership Team

We have analysts and engineers spanning several countries, including; Indonesia, Australia and India.

Callum Golding | CEO

Callum (CEO) has 15+ years of experience working in IT. He founded CSP Lighthouse to provide Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and compliance services to organizations across the globe. CSP now delivers a range of “lighthouse” support services and is also a reseller of the world-leading compromise assessment scanner, Thor.  Callum also provides subject matter expertise advisory services to organizations spanning several continents.

Shivam | CTO

Shivam (CTO) has over 10 years experience in the cybersecurity industry. He has obtained SC-200 and AZ-500 Microsoft qualifications. As CTO he overlooks Threat Hunting and Intelligence as well as Incident Response and training across the whole team. He is a Passionate Information Security professional and mentor with a rich and insightful 10+ years of experience with SOC and Threat Hunting. He performs research on Red Team techniques, Threat Hunting, and implementing advanced security use cases for proactive defense against cyber threats using Microsoft E5 security suite and KQL.

Jacinta Ribény | Executive Assistant

Jacinta is a former elite gymnast and fitness instructor and is very close to completing her degree in Journalism and Creative Writing at Adelaide University. Her copywriting, research and marketing skills are invaluable to the CSP team. Jacinta manages all this while juggling a one-year-old and university degree. Superwoman!

Jackie Ireland | Operations Manager

Jackie has many years of experience working with a variety of technologies. She helps CSP continue to run as efficiently and effectively as possible using a wide range of SaaS automation and integration tools. As the backbone of operations, she helps oversee our 24/7 global MDR service and ensures our SOC team has all the resources they need in their daily fight against cybercrime.

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