The following infographic shows the potential of Microsoft conditional access for building zero-trust into your organization and how this integrates with the broader Microsoft security ecosystem.

The former security philosophy of assuming everything behind your firewall perimeter must be safe is no longer viable- 28% of all attacks now involve internal actors. With BYOD/BYOC, work from home (WfH), cross-platform devices and apps, and the distributed workforce (permanent and dispersed WfH), IT departments can no longer assume anything other than the high-probability of a breach.

Zero-trust and assume breach leads to a larger focus on detection, and must now be the starting point for any company that wishes to modernize and transform the workplace. One thing CSP ☁ continuously hears from key stakeholders that have taken the digital transformation voyage is gratitude. This is a consequence of finding a workplace that is far more secure and collaborative along with a workforce culture that is cyber-security aware.

This is a journey with obstacles but as the CSP maxim goes, ‘obstacles do not block the path; they are the path’. Contact CSP to find out how productivity and security can finally be harmonized using the below roadmap.

Zero Trust with conditional access

Digital Transformation